Chameleon Cars - New Car Subscription Service coming to Colorado Springs

Your needs change - Your car should, too!

The First Car Subscription Service in Colorado

What is car subscription?

Car Subscription is the newest alternative to avoid the hassles of conventional car leasing or buying from a dealership. Our customers subscribe to a monthly membership that includes insurance, maintenance and repairs, and registration. Customers also have the ability to swap vehicles out for any vehicle we have available in their tier, free of charge.  So, what do you say Colorado Springs?  Let’s skip the hassles, and start subscribing today!

What makes Chameleon Cars different from the other dealers?

Short answer is, we are not car dealers.

Chameleon Cars was built by consumers for consumers to bring financial stability and flexibility to their automotive budgets by providing the ultimate car subscription and customer service experience. 

What are the advantages of subscribing over conventional purchasing/leasing?

Here is what we can all expect from a conventional purchase or lease experience:

  • Haggle price
  • Haggle financing
  • If leasing, haggle resale value
  • Immediately lose 1-2% of value
  • Maint/Repairs (budget breakers)
  • BUYER’S REMORSE (3-10 years!!!)

Solution:  Subscribe with Chameleon Cars where we get a flat monthly rate that rolls all our vehicle expenses into one monthly payment. We won‘t have buyer’s remorse, because if we end up not liking our vehicle, we can swap it out for a new one, free of charge.

More About Us

See who we have partnered with!

From charitable contributions to business partnerships, we are striving to build a network around Chameleon Cars to help reduce costs and provide our customers with a socially responsible and seamless subscription experience.

Kick-Start Offer

We are offering additional discounts off any purchase in exchange for early deposits.  Learn more on our Kick-Start page.  

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